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In this moment of emergency, we are reviewing our procedures and processes, with the constant goal of improving our services and attention to people's health. We have collected your questions, and we will continue doing so to ensure the necessary support. Starting again is our next challenge. Doing so by protecting everyone's health, our most significant commitment.

By calling the Contact Center, I do not receive a reply or waiting times are very long. I have not been contacted even by info@gnv.it and customercare@gnv.it  after several reminders.

Due to the extraordinary volume of calls and emails that we are receiving in this moment of emergency, replying your request could take more time then expected. We kindly ask you to contact us by phone only for upcoming journeys. If your reservations are subject to change, we will inform you directly and promptly to the contacts details you have provided on the booking process. For any other updates, please consult https://www.gnv.it/en/alert-coronavirus/info

The proposed refund coupon does not meet my needs:

  • I would like to be refunded of the amount spent in cash;

The global emergency caused by the spread of the contagion from Covid-19 and the consequent serious repercussions in the context of work, production and finance activities have forced the Company, like many other carriers, to review its general conditions, searching for an exhausting balance between honoring the commitments undertaken and, at the same time, ensuring the continuity and survival of the shipowning activity .In this context, the current emergency legislation recently issued (Legislative Decree 02 March 2020 - n.9), allows the Organizers, in the event of the withdrawal of the traveler or cancellation of the ticket or cancellation of the trip due to the disposition of the competent Governmental Authority , to issue a coupon code of the same value amount to the ticket’s cost.

In accordance with the above, GNV has opted for the issue of a coupon code which can be used on all GNV lines by 15 October 2021 for travel by 15 October 2021 (complete information: https://www.gnv.it/en/alert-coronavirus/info). It is not possible to cancel the ticket and request a monetary refund as indicated in the transport’s conditions in vigour at the moment of purchase.

We apologize for the circumstance, independent of the Company's control and responsibility. We trust in your understanding, as well as in the correctness, trust and solidarity of each one to contribute, with a sense of mutual sacrifice, to overcoming this serious emergency crisis. 

How can I request the refund coupon?

For journeys that are cancelled by the Company as a result of the ministerial provisions, the procedure is sent to the customer with the cancellation notice.
If you wish to obtain the refund coupon for valid trips (subject to verification of the conditions to use it:https://www.gnv.it/en/alert-coronavirus/info) you can cancel your reservation in this section: https://www.gnv.it/en/my-booking.
Note: At the time of the cancellation, the message that communicates the refund of 0,00 € and the acceptance of the penalty does not affect the correct issue of the coupon as stated in the conditions: https://www.gnv.it/en/alert-coronavirus/info 

How can I change my trip’s date?

Ticket changes can be made through the Contact Center 0039 0102094591 or by sending an email to info@gnv.it. Due to the extraordinary volume of requests to be handled in this moment of emergency, you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Is the refund coupon nominative?

The refund coupon is nominative, non-transferable and to be addressed to the ticket holder only. In the case of a ticket having several participants, the holder of the new ticket must be present for the trip.

What should I do if I purchased a pre-selling ticket?

In the case of having purchased a pre-selling ticket, the cancellation and refund procedure is the same as a the one in vigour for the normal ticket (purchased at its whole price).
The coupon amount will be equivalent to the amount paid. The booking number will be the coupon number to be entered in the new booking. The use of the coupon is valid only for issuing tickets (non-modifiable) and not pre-sale (or replacements and options).

If the coupon value has an amount greater than the cost of the new ticket, how can I use the remaining credit?

The coupon amount can be used in its entirety through the services and supplements available on the date of the journey who it has been choosen.

Some time ago I booked a journey to be made in the coming weeks, but I just heard that the security measures have been extended and therefore you will not be able to travel. How can I cancel my reservation?

It is not necessary for you to cancel your reservation. You will soon be contacted by our official channels and you will be provided with all the information necessary to request the refund coupon.

I booked a trip for June / July / August. Do you advise me to wait to request the coupon or better to change the reservation already?

At the moment GNV confirms its operations for the summer months. For more information, we advise you to consult  https://www.gnv.it/en/alert-coronavirus/info, which is constantly updated on the basis of the measures in place. In the event of cancellations or operational changes, we will inform the customers directly via the addresses indicated during the booking process.

I would like to book a trip for May / June / July but due to the situation I'm not sure. What do you recommend me to do?

The departures available on the website https://www.gnv.it/en are currently confirmed. In the event of changes or cancellations, we will inform you promptly.

When will travel to / from Morocco, Tunisia and Albania be available?

You can check confirmed departures through our website https://www.gnv.it/en. In the event of changes or cancellations, we will inform you promptly.

I have heard / read that GNV is organizing trips for the repatriation of Italian citizens. Where can I find the dates and book the tickets?

As soon as we organize new trips for returns, we will communicate it on our official channels and through https://www.gnv.it/en/alert-coronavirus/info. In case of further needs, we invite you to contact the consulate / embassy of Italy.