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Information about GNV journeys

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For details and updates on the limitations and provisions for travel in Italy and to/from Italy, please see the dedicated pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:  -

The questionnaire provides general information about the legislation in force in Italy regarding travel to/ from abroad.

Up-to-dated information about GNV routes:

Lines to and from Sicily

Until 30/04/21 

Travel between regions is prohibited, movements are subject to self-certification (click here to download) for the following reasons:

  • Health
  • Transfer to domicile/residence/residence
  • Business
  • Nature of necessity/urgency  

Until 31/05/21, anyone entering the territory of the Region of Sicily is required to register on the platform in the dedicated section. It shall also have negative molecular test made  within the last 48 hours. Commuters or those who have left the regional territory in the days immediately preceding and to travel to the national territory for a period of less than 4 days are excluded from the previous performance 

If the person returning to the Island has not been able to undergo molecular swab (PCR TEST), the following steps shall be taken:

  • Upon arrival in the regional territory, the person concerned must go to a dedicated drive in order to undergo rapid antigenic test. In case of a positive result, it must be followed the ordinary procedures provided for Covid-19 positive subjects, with repetition of molecular PCR TEST taken over by the Regional Health System. In the case of a negative antigenic test, the person concerned may go to the home address and submit to antigenic test again on the fifth day following the day of sub-position at the first one.
  • If the person concerned does not intend to follow the above procedure, he or she may go to an authorised laboratory and undergo molecular test, at its own expense, with charge for the same structure to communicate to the Department of Prevention of the ASP territorially competent.
  • In the event that the person concerned does not follow any of the procedures indicated in the previous paragraphs, as soon as he returns to Sicily has the obligation to be in solitary confinement for a period of 10 days at his home, with the obligation to communicate it to its general medical doctor, to the pediatrician of free choice or to the Asp of relevance.

For more information:

Lines to and from Sardinia

Departures for these lines are available from May to September 2021.

Lines to/from Morocco

GNV informs that due to the temporary suspension of shipping services ordered by the Moroccan government authorities, journeys to/from Morocco are cancelled until 14/05/2021 included. For refund or re-booking until 15/06: contact +39 0102094599.

 In order to face the emergency due to COVID-19,  the health emergency state throughout the national territory provides for:

  • closure of borders;
  • suspension, until further notice, of all maritime services to/from the Kingdom of Morocco
  • obligation to wear protective masks outside the home, with penalties for offenders that can vary from a period of detention from one to three months to a fine between 300 MAD (about 30€) to 1300 MAD (about 130€);
  • capacity limitation of urban and interurban public transport;
  • an obligation, for the special categories of persons permitted to enter Morocco under the last DPCM, to have access to the results of the PCR tests with the sampling which must have been carried out within 72 hours prior to arrival in the Kingdom;
  • introduction of a questionnaire on the health of the passenger to be filled in and submitted before boarding from Italy

For more information:

Lines to and from Tunisia

Requireements for the lines FROM ITALY TO TUNISIA 

From 08/03/2021 for all travellers entering the country is the obligation to:

present test certificate RT - PCR negative COVID-19 (pharyngeal nose swab) carried out within 72 hours prior to embarkation. Children under 12 years are exempt;

  • to undergo 5 days of quarantine at home or residence
  • sign up for a health card upon arrival
  • enter into a commitment to undergo voluntary quarantine;

By way of exception and on a case-by-case basis, the Confinement Commission of the Ministry of Health may authorise derogations from the previous measures only for family, occupational and health reasons.

Requirements lines FROM TUNISIA TO ITALY 

Trips from Tunisia to Italy are allowed, those returning to Italy from Tunisia must complete a specific SELF-CERTIFICATION ON THE REASONS FOR THE TRIP, must undergo isolation for 14 days and can NOT use public transport other than that used to enter Italy. Rental of cars and use of taxis or hire with driver is permitted.

For further information:

Lines to and from Albania

Requirements BARI-DURRES:

Journeys  from Bari to Durrës are unrestricted for Albanian citizens (with Albanian passport).

For all the others, it is possible to travel only for proven work needs, of absolute urgency or for health reasons. In any case, it is allowed to return to your home, home or residence

Requirements DURRES-BARI:

From Durrës to Bari can travel European and Albanian citizens with permanent residence in Italy and in any case equipped with self-certification (

Until April 30, 2021, entries into Italy are allowed with 14-day fiduciary isolation obligation.

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