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Refund of cancelled journeys for Emergency COVID-19

For trips cancelled or renounced in the period 11.3.2020 - 30.9.2020, from/to Genoa-Palermo, Civitavecchia-Palermo/T.Imerese, Naples-Palermo/T.Imerese, Olbia-Genoa, Genoa-Porto Torres, Genoa-Tangiers, Sète-Tangiers/Nador, Barcelona-Tangiers/Nador, Genoa-Barcelona, GNV is offering all passengers who had to cancel or renounce their trip for any reason either a full refund in monetary form of the ticket price or, alternatively, a refund coupon for an amount equal to 120% of the ticket price.

This also applies to customers who already possess a refund coupon for cancellation. Customers may apply for a refund by completing one of the forms for the two aforementioned options (monetary refund or refund coupon equal to 120% of the price) any time before the date of 1.7.2022. For any further information and to start your refund application, please click here.

To request assistance, please call +39 010 2094591 to speak with an operator, or use the online chat service below