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Rules of Website Use GNV

Grandi Navi Veloci SpA (below GNV) with head office in via Balleydier 7, Genova, owner of this website, welcomes you and hopes you like www.gnv.it and find the information contained in it useful.

By simply connecting to this website, you have adhered without any limitations or conditions to the terms and conditions below.

GNV reserves the right to modify the following terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Your connection to this website will be equivalent to unconditional acceptance of the modifications and revisions of the terms and conditions.

    1. Use of contents
    2. Press Review
  5. LINKS
    1. Updates
    2. Inaccuracies
    3. Malfunctions
    4. Contaminations
    5. Links


The website www.gnv.it and all the information and functions contained in it are not designed and/or intended for use by persons who reside or find themselves in jurisdictions where the distribution of said information or functions is contrary to the laws in force.


GNV reserves all rights to the contents of the www.gnv.it website which are protected by the current national and international intellectual and industrial property laws.

By the expression " www.gnv.itv website" (below, for the sake of brevity, the "Website") Grandi Navi Veloci SpA refers to all technical-information elements, including, by way of non-limiting example, the software that permits operation and the relative codes, the contents, the technical solutions adopted, the graphics and all other parts already produced or to be produced.

By the expression "Intellectual and Industrial Property" relative to the Website, Grandi Navi Veloci SpA refers to the set of rights recognised and protected by the current national and international laws, including – by way of non-limiting example, in relation to all the countries in the world and without any term – all patents, present or future copyright, ornamental model and/or drawing, trademark and/or service mark (either registered or used de facto by GNV), know-how, domain name, database and all relative applications.

By the expression "Materials" Grandi Navi Veloci SpA refers to all contents of the Website represented – by way of non-limiting example – by texts, images, graphics, files, software of any type, audio and video materials, virtual animations, multimedia and/or hypertext elements, regardless of the formats, the supports that contain them, the extension (by way of non-limiting example: mp3, wav, jpg, mpeg, gif, doc, etc,), the dimension, the versions in use and the techniques used for their distribution and/or transmission.


The materials published in the website can be freely distributed under the following conditions:

the texts and attached files must remain in their original format;

the distribution must not be for profit;

deve essere citata la fonte e l'autore e l'indirizzo web da cui sono stati tratti.

the source and the author and the website address from which they have been taken must be cited. In any case, the distribution and/or disclosure or anyway the handling of materials published on the website shall be performed in full compliance with the provisions contained in the Legislative Decree of 30th June 2003, no.196 (Data Protection Act) and all subsequent amendments or additions. Grandi Navi Veloci SpA declines all liability for any third-party breach of the above provisions. The authorisation of Grandi Navi Veloci SpA is required for inclusion of the materials published in the Website in CD-ROM, software collections, printed publications, etc.

3.1. Use of the contents

Anyone wishing to use the contents of the site may submit a request via contact form or ordinary post to Grandi Navi Veloci SpA, via Balleydier 7, Genova,

3.2. Press Review

It is possible to reproduce exclusively the title of the news published, with the link to the text.


All rights to any databases present in the Website (e.g. newsletters, information, collections, laws, etc.) are reserved. Extraction, reproduction and any other activities are forbidden.


Links from other websites to the GNV website by framing or deep linking are permitted and welcomed on condition that it is specified that they are links to www.gnv.it.


6.1. Updates

GNV reserves the right to make amendments to the services and/or to the texts and/or, in general, to the materials present in the Website at any time without notice.

6.2. Inaccuracies

GNV makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the materials and contents published in this website are carefully assessed and analysed, processed with the greatest of care and promptly updated. However this does not exclude the possibility of errors, inaccuracies or omissions in the Website, for which no liability is accepted.

6.3. Malfunctions

Consulting of the Website implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet: GNV, which provides for updating of the website, which can be accessed 24 hours non-stop, aims to ensure continuity of the service and minimisation of any malfunctions attributable to technical problems; it cannot, however, guarantee that the service is not subject to interruptions or malfunctions.

6.4. Contaminations

GNV accepts no liability for the content of what is published in this Website and the use third parties may make of it, or for any contaminations deriving from the access, interconnection, downloading of material and computer programs from this Website. GNV will therefore not be required, for any reason, to be answerable for damages, losses, harm of any kind which third parties may sustain due to contact with this Website, or following the use of what is published in the same or the software used.

Errors, inaccuracies or malfunctions can be reported via the contact form.

6.5 Links

The Website can contain third-party content or links to third-party websites. These contents and links are provided only for your convenience and for your information. GNV does not have any control over any contents or websites of others, accepts no liability and does not issue guarantees or opinions in relation to the correctness, accuracy, subject, quality or state of updating of said contents. GNV cannot be considered responsible for the contents or websites of others who are connected (via link or framing) to the website www.gnv.it.


The Legislative Decree of 30th June 2003, no. 196 (data protection act) regulates the procedures for the collection, processing, conservation and any communication and/or disclosure of personal information, indicating the rights and duties of the parties concerned.

The data collected will be processed in a manner such as to guarantee the confidentiality of personal information, in compliance with the minimum security measures.

Before providing his/her personal data, the user can view, in the various sections of the information provided, the use that will be made of the data, as established by art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 (data protection act).

You are further informed that you have the right to oppose processing of the data for the dispatch of commercial communications and advertising material. You furthermore have the possibility of exercising the rights of access to the data in accordance with art. 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, including the right to be informed on the origin of the data, on the procedures for and purposes of the processing, on the subjects to whom the data can be communicated, and on the right to correction, updating and cancellation of the data. Persons wishing to avail themselves of said rights can send a communication via the contact form or ordinary post to Grandi Navi Veloci SpA, via Balleydier 7, Genova,


The www.gnv.it website may contain some cookies. If you prefer not to receive cookies, you can set your browser so that it warns you of the presence of a cookie and you can therefore decide whether or not to accept it. It is also possible to automatically refuse all cookies by programming your browser accordingly.


If a court of law or a competent authority deems one of the clauses of these conditions of use to be ineffective, illegal or inapplicable in its legal system, the ineffectiveness, illegality or inapplicability of the clause in question will not affect the validity, legality or applicability of these conditions of use in other legal systems.


The terms and conditions of use of the website are governed by Italian law.

For all matters not explicitly provided for by these legal notes and for any disputes connected with the interpretation of the legal notes or which may arise concerning access to or use of the website, or in relation to the download, or for any other reason, between the user and the website owner or other subjects who have collaborated, collaborate or will collaborate in the realisation and management thereof, the user accepts the jurisdiction of Italy and, in any case, application of the Italian law in force at the time of the dispute, regardless of its domicile or office.

All disputes will be referred solely to the Court of Genoa.

Last update: May 2011

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