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Internet and mobile network

Check your device’s roaming settings
Maritime roaming is available on GNV ships, which means that you can continue to use your mobile device even in the open sea.
At the request of the Italian telecommunications company TIM, we would like to inform you that maritime roaming charges are more expensive and are not included in your ordinary price plans valid in Italy and the EU. Before departure, customers are advised to enquire about the applicable charges with customer care or check the website of their mobile network carrier.
When you register your mobile device with the maritime network, you will receive a text message with the charges applied by your mobile network carrier. If you do not want to use maritime roaming, you can disable roaming or enable aeroplane mode in your mobile device’s settings. To use voice traffic only, you can simply disable data traffic.
For TIM customers, find out more about CHARGES (PDF CHARGES), methods of use and FAQs (PDF FAQs), contact Customer Service 119 free of charge or visit the TIM website:
If you are not a TIM customer, we suggest that you check with your carrier whether maritime roaming is available and what the applicable charges are.

On-board Wi-Fi
If you need to connect to the Internet during your journey, you can use the Wi-Fi service in the public areas of GRANDI NAVI VELOCI ferries for a fee.
How on-board Wi-Fi works:

  • Register to use on-board Wi-Fi
  • Choose how to proceed: we offer several Wi-Fi Packages, which you can request at the Reception desk.

Wi-Fi Packages
Choose one of our Wi-Fi packages and browse freely on board GNV ships.
The packages you can purchase are either time-based or based on data usage, depending on which ship you are travelling on.
Fees are calculated according to the following thresholds:

  • 2 hours - 5 euros
  • 4 hours - 10 euros
  • 8 hours - 15 euros
  • 100 MB - 5 euros
  • 300 MB - 10 euros
  • 500 MB - 15 euros

Service available on all ships:

  • La Suprema
  • La Superba
  • Excelsior
  • Excellent
  • Fantastic
  • Splendid
  • Majestic
  • Rhapsody
  • GNV Allegra
  • GNV Azzurra
  • GNV Cristal
  • GNV Atlas