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Self Service Restaurants

With GNV you have the opportunity to taste the typical specialties of the place you are about to visit during the trip, so your holiday starts earlier!

Every day the self-service offers cuisine with Mediterranean flavours, with typical specialties for each destination. We have also thought of the little ones with a menu designed specifically for them at a special price!


Whatever your Italian destination is, before exploring the wonderful beaches and attractions that our peninsula offers, why not taste its typical dishes? You can do it already on the ferry!

At the self-service you will find some of the typical dishes of our regions. Why not start your holiday already during the trip by enjoying a plate of tortiglioni alla standard or a fried seafood dish?


Is Morocco waiting for you? Get ready for the great adventures that this magical country offers you starting from the table.

Between spices and intense flavors, our menu includes the tasty tajine meatballs of Kefta with tomato sauce, the typical chicken with potatoes flavored with curry and couscous with gray vegetables.


Holidays in Tunisia? Start to live them already at sea, with our menus designed to make you feel at your destination.

Immediately get in touch with the Tunisian culture, tasting the merguez stew, typical fresh spicy sausage of the Maghreb cuisine, or lamb stew with vegetables, fragrant as the land from which it comes.


En route to the Balearics? Start savoring your destination already on board, with the GNV menus created specifically to make you feel like you are already at your destination. Seafood paella is the Spanish dish par excellence, which summarizes all the intensity of Spanish aromas and colors in one bite. If you prefer meat, among our proposals we have a very delicate lemon chicken with olives.