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Port of Tangier (Morocco)

All ferries to/from Tangier by GNV

Book your ferry to Tangier with GRANDI NAVI VELOCI and set off to discover Morocco! The GNV fleet provides all the comforts you would find on cruise ships and operates on a number of routes connecting Morocco to Italy, Spain and France.

Morocco is a land rich in mystery, dotted with fascinating imperial cities, as well as well-known seaside resorts, not forgetting the timeless charm of the Sahara Desert and the majestic Atlas Mountains. Book your ferry to Tangier now and set off on a journey of discovery to this fascinating land.

Crossing time is expressed with reference to access on board of the pilot in the port of destination (i.e. first pilot station). Any extra waiting time for docking and landing is beyond the Carrier's jurisdiction.

*Please verify the exact duration of the crossing while booking the trip, as the travel time varies for each trip

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Price for 1 adult in an armchair or deck seat, one way and excluding vehicle

CivitavecchiaLazio- Tangier Morocco

Outward trip

Price from

€ 254


51h 0min With call Barcelona

Inward trip

Price from

€ 101


55h 0min With call Barcelona

BarcelonaSpain- Tangier Morocco

Outward trip

Price from

€ 112


31h 0min Direct

Inward trip

Price from

€ 92


37h 0min Direct

GenoaLiguria- Tangier Morocco

Outward trip

Price from

€ 229


51h 0min Direct

/ 53h 30min With call Barcelona

Inward trip

Price from

€ 99


55h 0min Direct

/ 57h 0min With call Barcelona

SèteFrance- Tangier Morocco

Outward trip

Price from

€ 150


42h 0min Direct

/ 48h 45min With call Barcelona

Inward trip

Price from

€ 105


42h 30min Direct

/ 41h 0min With call Barcelona

Opening and closing check in:

Check-in opens 9h before departure
Check-in closes 4h before departure

On arrival at the port

In all the ports where it operates, GNV makes its offices and staff available to passengers.

Address and opening hours of the ticket office and port

Port Address: Tangermed Zone Franche de Ksar el Majaz, Oued R'mel, BP80, TANGER
Ticket Office Address:  Billetterie Tangermed GNV Maroc, Gare Maqrittime GM03 

Ticket office hours:

Tangier Ville Travel Agency La Laurie
Monday to Saturday: 9.00 am/4.00 pm*
Sunday: Closed

Tanger Med Port
Monday to Saturday: 10.00 am/4.00 pm (depending on ship operations)
Sunday: Only when ships are operating.

Tanger Med Check-in Office
Monday to Sunday: From when check-in opens 4 hours before departure to one hour after departure when ships are in operation.

*Local Time.

Ticket office contacts

Téléphone: +212 539330613



Check-in procedures and passport control.

Discover Tangiers

What to see

Tangiers is a city located on the northern coast of Morocco. Among the main things to see are the suggestive beaches and crystalline sea. Don’t miss the historic centre, La Medina, with a maze of suggestive alleys; the Grand Socco, the permanent market in the city; and the Kasbah district, the high part of the city with the Sultan’s Palace and Dar Makhzen. Finally, enjoy a stroll in the French Square, the centre of the city with its numerous cafés.

Where to stay

Recently, some of the old Medina Palaces were restored and transformed into delightful residences. They are very comfortable and have reasonable prices. Plus, the facilities are located in a strategic area since they allow easy access to the primary points of interest.

What to eat

Moroccan cuisine in Tangiers is known for its couscous, lamb-based recipes, and tajine, a speciality made with chicken, which takes its name from the traditional terracotta dish in which it is cooked. The dish is divided into two parts: the lower part which holds the food, and a cone-shaped lid that facilitates the descent of the condensation, enhancing the aroma of the food. Stop in one of the restaurants in the historic centre and enjoy a delicious break during your tour.