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myGNV Program: Points and Discounts

Earn points on every GNV ticket you purchase with our simple system: you earn 1 point for every 10 euros you spend on GNV tickets (excluding group and mini-group tickets). For example, you earn 10 points when you purchase a 100 Euro ticket, 25 when you purchase a 250 Euro ticket.

Please note! The crediting of points must be requested when purchasing the ticket or it could be associated with the ticket through the reserved area on by clicking on "Recover your points". The points are actually loaded after the trip

  • CONTACT CENTER, TRAVEL AGENCY OR GNV TICKET OFFICE: just give the operator your myGNV code before your ticket is issued and points will be allocated when the code is inserted into the booking system.
  • ONLINE: insert your MyGNV code into the user information field.

Terms of validity

Points can only be awarded if the ticket holder has a myGNV code. GNV reserves the right to cancel tickets in case of irregularities.

Recover your points

Did you forget to request your points? Do not worry; there are two ways to recover them:

  • ONLINE - access the ‘Recover your points’ section on your personal page. Just insert your ticket details to receive your points.
  • VIA TELEPHONE- call the GNV Contact Centre on +39 010 2094591.
  • EMAIL - in the Assistance and Information section, at the bottom of the page, click on "myGNV" and fill out the form. You will be contacted by one of our operators.

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