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Vehicle Insurance Terms and Conditions 2024

Policy 6003000458/A

What to do in the event of an accident

For all accidents, the contractor and/or policyholder and/or owner must notify the Company’s Operational Centre by telephone, which is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at the following toll-free number:

Toll-free number from Italy: 800 894152

Toll-free number from abroad: +39 0399 890723

 Filo Diretto Assistance


This insurance coverage is for material and direct damage on the following parts of the vehicle:

  • body
  • tyres
  • glass
  • external accessories

occurring to vehicles transported on board ships owned by the Contractor, during only the following phases:

  • navigation,
  • embarkment and disembarkment.

It is expressly understood that only damage related to events reported to the Ship Captain and/or Purser and/or Ship’s Officer responsible during vehicle parking on the ship or before disembarkment will be covered.


The company reimburses damages that occurred during navigation and/or embarking on or disembarking from ships owned by the Contractor, within the maximum insured amount of €5,000 per vehicle and without prejudice to what is set forth in subsequent Art. 1.7.


It is agreed that in the event of an accident affecting multiple Policyholders with the Company, the Company’s maximum disbursement may not exceed the overall amount of €100,000.00 per event. If the amounts to be paid under contractual terms exceed the limit indicated above, the compensation due to each Policyholder will be reduced proportionately.


The insurance only covers those routes where the embarking and disembarking operations occur in Italy, countries that are part of the European Union, Morocco, Tunisia, and Albania.


  • €   7.50 for cars and motor vehicles
  • € 10.00 for heavy vehicles

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Insurance Company NOBIS - Filo Diretto Travel

  • € 5.000 per vehicle
  • € 100.000 per event

Damage to body, tires, glass, and external accessories.

There is no deductible nor exlusion for the boarded vehicles.

Navigation and embarkment/disembarkment operations.

Cars, campers, trailers, heavy vehicles, motor vehicles.

  • €   7.50 for cars and motor vehicles
  • € 10.00 for heavy vehicles