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With myGNV you accumulate points with your journeys and win super discounts! Get ready to sail with a shipload of advantages: you will accumulate points by purchasing tickets and you will get a 20% cash-back on your next journey, as well as many new discounts on board!

The mechanism is simple: the more you travel, the more you gain benefits! You accumulate one point for every 10 euro spent on GNV tickets (for example, a ticket worth €100 gives you 10 points). Upon reaching the thresholds set by the regulation you will be entitled to exclusive discounts to use for all your voyages.

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Many exclusive discounts just for you!

Earn rewards! Signing up to myGNV means exclusive discounts and special offers just for you.

And the more you travel, the more you earn. The mechanism is simple: You earn 1 point for every 10 euros spent on GNV tickets (for example, you earn 10 points when you purchase a 100 Euro ticket). Every time you reach the point levels stated in the terms and conditions, you will receive exclusive discounts on your next trip.