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The Emissions Trading System (ETS) is a fundamental European tool in tackling climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With new European sustainability policies impacting the shipping industry coming into force from January 2024, we want to ensure transparency and keep passengers updated on the latest news.

We want to assure our customers that the surcharge we have implemented is not a way to generate profit. Rather, it is a mechanism through which we can support the achievement of Europe's decarbonisation goals.

What is the ETS Surcharge?

The ETS surcharge is a supplementary mechanism applied within the Emissions Trading System. This surcharge may be introduced by the relevant authorities in order to further regulate emissions of carbon or other greenhouse gases. Its implementation can have different objectives, including encouraging the reduction of emissions, financing environmental projects or promoting technological innovation.

Ferry companies play a crucial role in the shipping sector, but they too face challenges regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

ETS taxes can vary greatly depending on the country, region and industry sector involved.

Contact us

If you would like further information on the ETS surcharge please contact us. We're here to help you navigate the complex landscape of environmental policy and promote a sustainable future for all. For more info: Reducing emissions from the shipping sector - European Commission (europa.eu)