FAQs Passengers with Special Needs

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Passengers who are disabled, sick, with reduced mobility, or require special assistance must communicate it in advance, and send the certifying documentation, at least 48 hours before departure, by contacting the GNV Contact Center at +39 010 2094591 - pmr@gnv.it.

For special cases, the request must be sent at least 5 business days before departure since the ship is not equipped with the staff and/or facilities to be able to offer individual replacement services, assistance, care, or the like to Passengers.

If a disabled cabin is needed, call +39 010 2094591 from 8:00 to 21:00 to book it.

Please turn on your hazard lights when in line for embarkment where one of our employees will ask what type of assistance you require. They will provide a wheelchair at the time of embarkment and disembarkment and will indicate where to park your car on the garage deck for convenient access to the elevators.

Please remember that there is a limited number of wheelchairs for passengers with reduced motor ability and we cannot guarantee availability for the entire duration of the trip but the staff will do everything possible to ensure you have a comfortable trip, compatible with the on-board equipment.

Pregnant passengers must inform the ship command before embarking.

Passengers past the 6 month of pregnancy, without complications, must have a medical certificate attesting that they are able to travel by sea.

The certificate must be presented to the Ship Officer who requests it along with the completed indemnity form, which can be downloaded from www.gnv.it, picked up at the GNV ticket offices, or received by calling the Grandi Navi Veloci Contact Center at +39 010 2094591.

For other cases, the pregnant Passenger must have a medical certificate authorising travel regardless of the number of months pregnant.

It is the Captain’s option to prohibit the pregnant passenger embarking whenever conditions render travel inadvisable.

The pregnant passenger must have the form provided by GNV compiled by her physician no more than one week before departure and send it to pmr@gnv.it, for assessment of the feasibility of embarkment with the health director.

The same form must be given to the ship personnel at the time of embarkment.

It is the Captain’s option to prohibit the pregnant passenger embarking whenever conditions render travel inadvisable.

Passengers who are refused embarkment due to the unchallengeable assessment of the ship command will be reimbursed.