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Onboard Dining Presale

No worries with the “full board” self-service package at the self service on the Morocco, Tunisia and Sicily lines

By purchasing all the Self-Service meals for your trip in advance, you will enjoy savings on-board prices. There is a wide range of dishes to tantalise all tastebuds!

Have you already purchased your ticket and want to add meals? Call us now on (+39) 010 2094591

Limitations and notes:

  • The service is present on:

All Moroccan lines

- Genoa - Tunisi

- Genoa - Palermo

  • The validity of the voucher is limited to the trip for which the meals were purchased and cannot be reused on other trips;
  • Some gluten-free dishes are available at our Self Service: inquire at our Reception when boarding;
  • On the lines to and from Morocco and Tunisia, we serve dishes made with raw materials (beef, lamb and chicken) slaughtered according to the Halal ritual with relevant certification. Find out more.



Full Board - adult - discount up to 46 %

Self service


Full Board - Child - discount up to 50%

Self service