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Ferries from Barcelona to Nador Grandi Navi Veloci

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Choose GNV and book a Spain-Morocco ferry on the Barcelona-Nador line. A route that joins two cities with unique charm: Barcelona, with its mix of modern and gothic architecture and its breath-taking nightlife, and Nador, a seaside town located within the splendid Bou Areg Lagoon.

Grandi Navi Veloci guarantees every comfort during the trip, and offers you the possibility to bring your car aboard to move freely once you arrive at your destination. Consult our site for available options, check out the offers for Morocco and book your ferry now in a few simple steps.

*Please note that the following timetable is purely indicative.
It is necessary to see the online booking calendar to check possible operational changes.


Transit Time: 27h – 30h 25min



Transit Time: 28h 45min – 31h

*Please verify the exact duration of the crossing while booking the trip, as the travel time varies for each trip

BarcelonaSpain- Nador Morocco

Outward trip

Price from

€ 89


28h 45min Direct

Inward trip

Price from

€ 68


28h 45min Direct

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