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Genoa Ferries (Liguria)

Take a GNV ferry from Genoa to every major port in Italy and around the Mediterranean: the GRANDI NAVI VELOCI fleet operates on major routes to and from Genoa to Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia.

Take a ferry to Genoa to visit its fascinating historic centre that combines medieval architecture with Baroque and sixteenth-century buildings. Or set off in search of Sardinia's most beautiful beaches with ferries from Genoa to Porto Torres; immerse yourself in the heart of Sicily by taking advantage of the Genoa - Palermo route; or finally, spend your holiday in Spain, Morocco and Tunisia with ferries from Genoa to Barcelona, Tangier and Tunis. Book your GNV ticket now!

Crossing time is expressed with reference to access on board of the pilot in the port of destination (i.e. first pilot station). Any extra waiting time for docking and landing is beyond the Carrier's jurisdiction.