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Documents and visas

The first thing to do before travelling is check your documents. If they are not valid you will not be able to depart!

Don’t worry. Here is our list of documents to check before departure:

Documents for domestic lines:

If you are headed to/from Sardinia or Sicily we ask you to always carry the following with you:

  • GNV ticket
  • ID document for each passenger (ID card or driver’s licence)
  • Remember that children must also have their ID card!

WARNING MOROCCO ROUTES: All passengers who embark on our ships with destination Tangier and nador, as for disposition of the Reign of Morocco, will have to fill in the questionnaire downloadable and deliver it at the time of check-in at GNV Port Offices port ticket office.

Documents for international lines:

Are you headed to/from Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, or Albania? Always carry the following with you:

  • GNV ticket
  • Passport for each passenger (if travelling on the Genoa-Barcelona-Genoa route, all you need is a document that is valid in EU countries)
  • Remember that children must also have their identification document!
  • Check the validity of the documents with the Police before departure

WARNING! Always remember that it is your responsibility to check the validity of all documents (including those of any minors and any vehicles) with the Police in order to make sure they are valid for entry in the country where you are disembarking!

In fact, GNV will not reimburse Passengers not authorised by the Police and/or the Company itself to embark or disembark, if found with documents invalid for expatriation. For more information, consult the General Conditions for Passenger Transport and, in particular, Article 10.2.

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