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Passenger and car boarding and disembarkation


Domestic journeys or those within the EU:

  • Passengers with vehicle: 2 hours before departure
  • Foot passengers without car: 1 hour before departure


Camper on board: three hours before departure

Non–Schengen and Albania journeys: 4 hours before the ship's scheduled departure time for foot passengers or those travelling with a vehicle.

Boarding Procedures

All vehicles may only be boarded by their driver in compliance with SOLAS safety standards (Safety Of Life At Sea) .

Once on the car deck, drivers will be given a ticket displaying the bridge-car deck on which their car is parked.

While the ship is sailing, it will no longer be possible to return to the car deck for safety reasons, therefore it is essential that you take with you everything you may need for the journey.

Car passengers and foot passengers without a car will board on foot.

Drivers of LPG fuel vehicles must inform staff of this information when boarding. They will be parked in a special section of the car deck.

All passengers with or without a car must CHECK-IN so that they may be issued with a boarding pass and automatic accommodation assignment number.

The Boarding pass is required for boarding and must be retained until disembarkation.

In accordance with international ISPS Code anti-terrorism regulations, passengers are required to show their ticket, boarding pass and an identity document whenever requested by a ship's officer. They are also required to consent to any inspection of their luggage. Such inspections may also be carried out by port security staff.

At check-in, GRANDI NAVI VELOCI staff may inspect booked vehicles to ensure they meet with the required dimensions. In case of any discrepancy, passengers will be invited to pay the relevant price difference and a fee to change their ticket. GRANDI NAVI VELOCI reserves the right to forbid vehicles that do not comply with the details provided at the time of booking from boarding if suitable car deck space is not available on the ship.

Disembarkation Procedures

Pay careful attention to announcements, particularly those relating to the car deck shown on the ticket issued at boarding.

You must leave your accommodation (cabins or reclining seats) prior to the ship's arrival time in order to allow for safe disembarkation.

The manner and timings for leaving your accommodation, such as the meeting points in the common areas, will be announced by the Ship's Captain.

Please see our General Conditions in particular article 3 (Accommodation), article 10 (Vehicle Boarding/Disembarkation), article 11 (Passenger regulations) and article 17 (Luggage).