Fares not available on-line

In the case of all booking requests that entail, instead, particular requirements or special fares, please go through the normal booking channels:

  • GNV Contact Center (+390102094591)
  • Travel Agencies
  • Corporate GNV Office


The fares that cannot be booked on-line are:

  • Resident/native Sicily and Sardinia.Fare applicable to passengers resident and born in Sicily or Sardinia, family members included in the certificate of family status travelling or not with the person entitled and accompanying vehicles (even if owned by a non-resident/native person). If only the children were born in Sicily or Sardinia, the reduction does not extend to the family members specified in the certificate of family status.
  • Group fares
  • Motor vehicles, trucks registered to carry freight (empty or loaded) or mixed (loaded); for more information, please contact the GNV freight offices
  • Concession tickets
  • Children’s tickets (from four until twelve years of age on all lines, except for the lines to Tunis, two until fifteen years of age, and the lines to Tangiers, two until twelve years of age), who are not accompanied by an adult
  • Cabins for the disabled