Documents required for ferry boarding

In addition to their ticket, passengers boarding GRANDI NAVI VELOCI ferries must be in possession of identification, in particular:

Domestic routes: valid identification

Genoa - Barcelona route: identification valid for international travel

WARNING MOROCCO ROUTES: All passengers who embark on our ships with destination Tangier and nador, as for disposition of the Reign of Morocco, will have to fill in the questionnaire downloadable and deliver it at the time of check-in at GNV Port Offices port ticket office.

Routes to Albania, Tunisia and Morocco: passengers are required, at their own expense, to verify their documents before boarding (personal documents, including any minors, as well as vehicle documentation) with the relevant police authorities in order to ensure they are eligible for entry into the country of disembarkation.

GNV will not refund those passengers who are not authorised by the Border Police and/or the company itself to embark or disembark, due to their being found with documents not eligible for travel abroad.

For more information - please see our General Conditions for Passenger Transport  and in particular art. 11.2.