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Earn points with MyGNV every time you travel and WIN extraordinary discounts.
MyGNV makes your journeys on our Grandi Navi Veloci more pleasant and advantageous.

Once you’ve earned enough points to win a reward, you can request your exclusive discount voucher and use it for your next trip.

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The MyGNV Rewards

The rewards are discount vouchers that can be used to buy tickets on GNV ferries.
You can use discount vouchers once you earn the following number of points:


 Number of points  Rewards
 200 points  Discount of 50 euro
 400 points  Discount of 100  euro
 600 points  Discount of 150 euro
 800 points  Discount of 200 euro
 1000 points  Discount of 250  euro
 1200 points  Discount of 300 euro
 1400 points  Discount of 350 euro

Receiving your reward

Contact us to receive your reward:

  • ONLINE - access your personal page and request your desired reward via the Reward Area;
  • BY TELEPHONE - call the GNV Contact Centre on +39 010 2094591.
  • EMAIL - send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We must receive your request at least 5 working days before your departure date.

The discounted ticket will be issued by GNV, subject to availability. The ticket will be sent via email or fax.
Any taxes are exempt from the discount.

Only one discount voucher can be used per ticket. Discount vouchers cannot be combined with other vouchers or coupon code discounts.