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GNV will take you to Barcelona, one of the most popular destinations for Italian tourists during the summer months. Choose GNV ferries to Barcelona and you'll travel in comfort at the best prices around.

Book your ferry and set off for Spain's most beautiful beaches, immerse yourself in Europe's most exciting nightlife and discover all the hidden gems of Barcelona, a city rich in tradition and culture.

Crossing time is expressed with reference to access on board of the pilot in the port of destination (i.e. first pilot station). Any extra waiting time for docking and landing is beyond the Carrier's jurisdiction.

  • Genoa - Barcelona Crossing time: 18h

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  • Barcelona - Tangier Crossing time: 26h

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  • Tangier - Barcelona Crossing time: 31h

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  • Tangier - Barcelona (Saturday) Crossing time: 26h

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  • Nador - Barcelona Crossing time: 24h 30min

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Foot passenger boarding: 1h before departure
Vehicle boarding: 2h before departure
Boarding for Morocco: 4h before departure

On arrival at the port

In all the ports where it operates, GNV makes its offices and staff available to passengers.

GNV Barcelona ticket office opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 9.00 am/2.00 pm - 3.00 pm/7.00 pm
Friday: 7.00 am/2.00 pm - 3.00 pm/7.00 pm
Saturday:11.00 am/2.00 pm - 3.00 pm/7.00 pm
Sunday: 11.00 am/4.00 pm - 8.00 pm/11.00 pm


Foot passengers and passengers with vehicles must report to the Acciona - Trasmediterranea desks inside the terminal. Once they have checked in, foot passengers must wait inside the terminal for a loudspeaker announcement signalling the start of boarding.
Passengers will be taken to the ship by shuttle in order to guarantee their safety and security and to assist passengers travelling with bags.
Passengers with vehicles may enter the port even before they have checked in. They should proceed to the indicated boarding waiting area. To access this area, they must show their ticket to the security staff. Once they have entered with their vehicle, passengers must wait to board once check-in has been carried out. If check-in has not yet been carried out, passengers should enter the building next to the boarding area, leaving their vehicle in the assigned boarding lane.
Once check-in has been carried out, they must wait to board inside their vehicle.

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GNV offices in Barcelona

PORT OFFICES AND TICKET SALES:Terminal Ferry Muelle Costa s/n - 08039 Barcelona

Tel: 0034 934437139