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Our commitment to guarantee you safety and flexibility

We have taken into consideration the special emergency moment and therefore introduced a new commercial policy which will bring more advantages to our clients but keeping, at the same time, a major attentions toward passengers’ needs with a special eye on safety and continuing to offer the maximum safety in every moment of the crossing.

Starting from October 26th, for all the reservation made until July 31st regarding all the journey until December 2021, you will have:

  • More flexibility to plan your journey thanks to the elimination of cancellation’s fees (free cancellation is allowed until 4 days prior departure). You also have the possibility of modify your ticket* by paying only the rate difference if required.
  • Possibility to block ticket’s price at a minor cost by reducing the pre-selling amount from 30% to 10% (50,00 € minimum). The pre-selling cannot be changed or cancelled and failure to confirm the departure will result in the loss of the amount paid. Free cancelation until 4 days before departure is only valid for those tickets issued before July 31st 2021

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    And if you still own the reimbursement voucher for the cancelled journeys due to Covid emergency you will have further special advantages (starting from October 26th and for reservations made until July 31st) such as:


  • Using the voucher for the 120%** of its value for the journeys from January 1st until October 15th 2021
  • Give your voucher to another person: you can do it without paying anything by contacting our Contact Centre:
  • Buying a new pre-selling by using the voucher

Any eventual credits due to rate difference will be given back with a new reimbursement voucher.***

We remind you that the aforementioned Refund Coupons**** have been made available for all tickets and pre-sales that have been cancelled by the Company or the Customer in the context of the Covid19 pandemic emergency.
The Refund Coupon is valid for:
-the total amount of the journey, including the return if any, to be redeemed within 18 months from the date of issue, on all routes, always subject to availability.

We look forward to welcome you aboard to offer you a safe and comfortable journey.

We remind you that all the extraordinary measure taken during the summer season are still in vigour and constantly checked during the whole crossing. As a matter of fact our aim is to continue to improve our services and give high importance to passengers’ health.

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Note: *Séte – Tangier  and Séte Nador lines are excluded. ** in case of cancellation the plus value of the 20% will be not given back.***the difference is calculated according to the original voucher's value **** at the request of the person concerned the ticket is refundable: (i) for 100% of the price paid for all travel canceled by the company as a result of the pandemic, (ii) according to the general conditions of passenger transport for tickets not used by decision of the Passenger.


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Our purpose is to offer you a comfortable journey in whole security.

We want that, also during this period, your journey experience will be an excellent one.

GNV has never stopped. We have identified a whole packed o safety measure to guarantee passengers’ and staff’s heath thanks to our unique experience in the world, made with health authorities, of hosting a hospital unit on board our ship.


  • Our offer has been reformulated to give customer more space by respecting the social distancing
  • On our web site and on all our social networks, passenger can find all the normative and rules concerning COVID-19.
  • Before departure it will be sent a communication containing main information about journey and new procedures adopted.
  • Whenever before departure you have some symptoms which can be track to the virus (such as cough, fever…), do not leave and plan your trip for another date.


In order to reduce the risk of infection we have introduced new procedure for check- in and embarkation.

  • Ticket offices are sanitized several times per day and have been equipped of dispenser with sanitizing gel and specific signage stripes to help passenger to respect security distance. Contact points have Plexiglass or glass screen to guarantee a major protection.
  • All the ground staff is equipped of face masks and trained about adopted measures.
  • In compliance with Health Local Authorities it could be asked passenger to measure body’s temperatures; whenever the value will be more than 37,5, the departure could be denied.
  • It is mandatory to report at check in counters wearing the face mask and keeping the security distances.


For embarkation and disembarkation, we have organized and re-planned the entry and exit flows with the aim to avoid assembly or involuntary contacts. Those operations will be carefully managed under supervision and assistance of our staff by optimizing the time and respecting social distancing.

LATE CHECK OUT: Those passengers who have purchased the Late Check Out Service,  have the opportunity to stay in the cabin until arrival at destination. In this way we can  ensure controlled access to the garage and avoid gatherings at the rally points.



  • To optimize the ship’s internal space and to guarantee the social distancing of customer and staff, we have considerably reduced the maximum number passenger per crossing.
  • We have re-planned places on board to guarantee the safety distance among passengers; the pullman seats that cannot be used are specifically indicated with a special signage.
  • For guaranteeing to our customers a personal space, cabins can only be used by travelling group/family unit
  • Ship’s spaces are organized to guarantee the circulation in one direction way.


  • We have been intensified cleaning and sanitizing of our ship by using certified product and giving special attention to kitchens, toilets, handless and handrails, elevators buttons, tables and all the common space in general.
  • We have doubled the intervention of sanitizing for every cabin by using special certified sanitizing products.
  • As far as air conditioning concerns, it is been created a system of fresh air emission from outside and empowered the filter engine by using specific HEPA filters that are same used at hospitals.


  • On board of all our fleet there is a doctor and Health Procedure Manager Officer. This last one is a new figure which is responsible and charged of controlling that all the COVID-19 security measures taken by the Company are regularly used and applied.
  • All the staff and crew have specific protection equipment such as gloves and face masks and it has been trained about all the rules and normative and how to prevent situation in case of passenger will show any symptoms that could be attributed to COVID-19.
  • Our staff’s health is constantly monitored to prevent and manage suspected symptoms of COVID-19.


On board services (restaurants, self-service, shops, accommodations) have been arranged according to safety’s measures prevention by giving maximum care to social distancing.

  • The main contacts point on board are equipped with special protector plexiglass screens.
  • In all the ship special dispenser with sanitizing hands gel are available as well signage stripes to help respecting social distancing.
  • Restaurant offers only Pizzeria service; at self-service there are available “easy food “dishes and at bar, clients can find take away food. All the material used (plates, cutlery, glasses, table mats) are disposable ones and arrangements of tables and chairs have been thought to respect the distance.
  • Entertainment services and children rooms are temporary not available in order to avoid assembly.
  • On board shops, Prayer Rooms, Arcade & Slots are open with limited number of accesses. Customers are required to wear the face mask, to use the sanitizing gel for the hands and to avoid the gatherings by keeping the social distance on one mete.
  • We invite our passenger to use electronic payments instead of cash.


  • On board all our ships you can find everywhere detailed information with videos, signage and announcements; these information are regarding the main hygienic rules and their application and use.
  • During all the crossing, including embarkation and disembarkation, it is mandatory to wear face mask and keep the distance of 1 metre at least. Our staff will carefully check the observation of the rules.

Our security measures will be constantly uptodated.