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Coronavirus Emergency GNV Policy

For details and updates on the limitations and provisions for travel in Italy and to/from Italy, please see the dedicated pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:  -

The questionnaire provides general information about the legislation in force in Italy regarding travel to/ from abroad. 

Up-to-dated information about GNV routes:

Lines to and from Sicily and Sardinia (national territory)

In order to access and use the ferries it will no longer be compulsory to have a green pass of any kind. 

The obligation to wear an FFP2 mask remains. 

For more information:

Lines to/from Sardinia 

Departures for these lines are available from May to September 2022.

Lines to/from Morocco  

Requirements for routes to Morocco

- Medical form (Fiche sanitaire) of the passenger, to be downloaded online before boarding (distributed also on board ships), duly completed;


- Vaccination passport anti covid-19 valid according to the requirements of the country of origin. Residents in Morocco (Moroccans and foreigners) must have a valid vaccination passport according to the national vaccination protocol (with the exception of minors up to 12 years of age); The health Certificate of Recovery from COVID-19 is not enough.

A valid vaccine passport implies having received 3 doses of vaccine or, failing that, two doses are sufficient, provided the second dose does not exceed the administration time of 4 months.
For the J&J vaccine, a single dose is equivalent to 2 doses of the other vaccines.


- Negative result of a PCR test less than 72 hours (time between sampling and recording). With the exception of minors up to 12 years of age.

Download Fiche Sanitaire

Requirements for lines from Morocco to Italy/Spain/France

From 1 June, the Green Pass or equivalent certificate is no longer needed to enter Italy.

All passengers arriving in Spain from Morocco must show:

- Complete vaccination passport/green pass with the last dose performed more than 14 days and not more than 9 months (for passengers under 18 years of age validity is extended beyond 9 months)


- PCR testr with negative result within 72 hours of departure.


- RAPID testr with negative result performed within 24 hours of departure.

- Health Certificate of Recovery from COVID-19

Passengers under the age of 18 and passengers transiting through Spain for less than 24 hours do not have to submit any documentation.

All passengers arriving in France from Morocco must show:

- Complete vaccination passport (selected vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Johnson&Jonhson). Unvaccinated travellers over 12 years of age must submit a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure.

- rapid test with negative result carried out within 48 hours of departure

- COVID-19 healing certificate issued within six months of the date of the positive test.

All passengers arriving in Italy from Morocco must show:

It is mandatory to present: 

- Digital European Covid19 certificate (green pass) obtained as a result of vaccination (the full cycle is mandatory) 
-PCR test (carried out within 72 hours before boarding) or rapid (carried out within 48 hours before boarding) with negative result. 
- Healing certificate

Children under 12 years of age are not required to present any kind of certificate or to undergo PCR or rapid test. 

Completion of the passenger locator form (dpLF) is no longer mandatory.

Lines to and from Tunisia

Requireements for the lines FROM ITALY TO TUNISIA   

From 15/02/22 all travellers entering Tunisia:

  • If over the age of 18, they must submit documentation attesting that they have completed the vaccination cycle. In the absence of this requirement, they must submit a negative PCR test carried out within 48h of embarkation or a negative (rapid) antigen test carried out within 24h of embarkation. The test is also necessary for those who hold a certificate of healing from Covid-19.
  • If under 18 years of age: they are exempted from the vaccination cycle and from the PCR or antigen test.

If not resident in Tunisia/ tourists (including those of Algerian nationality): It is also mandatory to book a hotel (with vouchers confirming payment by the property before departure) for the entire period of stay in Tunisia and return ticket (excluding Libyan passengers transiting from Tunisia to Libya as their borders are open). It is also necessary to have precise information on the travel itinerary.

Incoming passengers will be subject to a Covid-19 rapid test upon arrival in Tunisia: if positive they will be taken to quarantine centres.

A list of laboratories performing the RT-PCR test in Tunisia is available on the portal through which you can book an appointment.

For suspected cases of positivity at Covid-19, there will be medical isolation and transfer to dedicated hospitals.  

For more information:

Requirements lines FROM TUNISIA TO ITALY 

From 1 June, the Green Pass or equivalent certificate is no longer needed to enter Italy.

For further information: 

Lines to and from Albania

Bari - Durrës requirements:

From the 1st of May, in order to enter Albania, the Green Pass will no longer be required. Therefore, it won’t be necessary to show a certificate of vaccination, recovery or the result of a PCR or rapid test

For more information:

Durres - Bari requirements

From 1 June, the Green Pass or equivalent certificate is no longer needed to enter Italy.

For further information:

Lines to and from Balearic Isalnd 

For more information

Travel requirements for Genoa Barcelona line

In order to enter Spain, the green pass or other equivalent certification is no longer required.

Travel requirements for Barcelona-Genoa line

From 1 June, the Green Pass or equivalent certificate is no longer needed to enter Italy. 

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